About you

There’s a weight on your shoulders and a churning in your stomach. You feel an overriding sense of unease. You are anxious about feeling anxious.

This shakiness is stopping you from enjoying life. It may even be stopping you from living.
You need something to change.

You want to calm down. To gain a sense of stability and perspective. To enable you to live a more fulfilled life. To take-on responsibilities that currently seem too much. To feel empowered.

My role is to help you get there. Which means confronting your low self-esteem. Understanding why you feel the way you do, whether it stems back to childhood or simply feeling that you have become invisible. I want to support you on that journey. And when, at some point, we say ‘goodbye’, it’ll be when we both trust in you feeling the freedom and control to be your authentic self.

If you are curious and actively committed to making this work then please get in touch at any time. Whether you want to explore the routes to getting you back to where you once were, or to feeling the confidence others describe but you have never experienced. My greatest sadness is also my greatest thrill: ending our sessions knowing that our work is done.